2 | A Note from Ron Strange

Fifteen years later, just yesterday, I got a message from Ron Strange, who included his introduction to his new series of pictures from Yellowstone. With his kind permission I'll share it here; I used to teach him and now he teaches me:


Why is ambiguity unsettling for some? How would they describe the feeling they get when confronted with ambiguity? When the word "ineffable" was first created, what was the experience that called for its creation? What is the origin of a numinous experience and why did they decide it needed a word?

If the haiku poet Basho had had a camera, what would his photos have looked like? When does minimal become nothing? Will it still move the viewer? Why is it that one person is moved and another not at all by the same image?

I was asked, "What were you thinking when you took that picture, it doesn't make sense?"

I was not thinking.


Ron working, Cuyamaca Rancho &nbsp;| &nbsp;1986

Ron working, Cuyamaca Rancho  |  1986